Grayson Chalmers

Grayson Chalmers

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First Name * Grayson
Last Name * Chalmers
Username * Grayson
Country * USA
City San Clemente
Languages English





Grayson Chalmers has been working in the game industry out of Austin, Texas for the past 5 years. He currently works for Sony Online Entertainment where he runs the internal outsource team that works with external partners to supply art assets to Star Wars Galaxy and the upcoming DC Universe Online.

Grayson has worked on small game teams such as Warthog Texas as a production artist working on modeling, texturing, rigging and animation. He has also worked on larger game development teams such as Midway Austin where he helped ship Area 51, working on cinematic and creature animation. Finally, before leaving Midway to join SOE, with a keen eye for production he led the entire character team on an open city heist game using the Unreal 3 engine.


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